Hi lovely readers! I hope you’re all well and thriving. We’ve been seeing so many things on the news and we’re still hearing conflicting information about the state of the country and COVID-19. With that in mind, I’d like to take some time to talk about reopening. Numbers have been spiking across the country as states reopened far sooner than public health officials advised. There’s fear that we won’t flatten the national curve any time soon and there’s continued talk of continuous virus presence instead of multiple waves. As summer races by, we’re seeing communities protesting for the rights of everyone in the country to be recognized equally and fairly, other communities desirous of being outdoors to enjoy the sun and get back to the normalcy we knew before COVID, and many people in the country enraged by the current administration’s handling of the numerous crises that continue shaking the nation. 

I think these realities scare me more as a mother than as an individual. I’m terrified of how to engage in important conversations with my sons to ensure that they’re growing up to be people willing to stand up for others. I’m terrified of how to judge situations and environments that may not be safe because I don’t want to put others in danger nor my family as COVID continues evolving and effecting people. I’m terrified that I may not have enough compassion and respect, that I may not listen well enough or be open-minded enough. I’m terrified that my desire for a middle way may exclude people and harm relationships. 

I looked at myself in the mirror the other day and stared at the dark circles of exhaustion and lines of worry that were written on my face. I looked at my hands and hair and became aware of the physical toll quarantine has taken on my body. I thought about the people outdoors enjoying the sun and understood the potential reasons why they would risk life to live into the hope that everything would be okay. For a split second I thought the risk was worth it too, but then I thought of my boys and my parents. I could never live with myself if any of my actions brought them anymore harm. 

While I want to live quietly and gracefully, I also see the importance of maintaining an open mind and finding the glimmers in life. There are ways we can all work together to get through these trying times. We can demand accurate and consistent information from the government. We can be good allies for anyone different from us. We can remind everyone of our commonalities and the love we need to bring about peace. We can support our neighbors and protect them by being prudent with our own actions. I don’t have a list of actions, but I do know 2020 has taught me how to have a more open mindset that encourages me to hope for the best even when the worst is happening. We may never know the normal that existed before COVID-19, but we can work together to create a new normal of love and peace, demands for equality and accurate information, communal regard for one another and protection of ourselves. I hope each of you has gained a new mindset as well and will find the courage to share as we all work to make the world a better place. 

Until next time ♥

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